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  • Q: How long is a Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting Show?  A: A standard show is about 45 minutes.  However, if requested in advance, shows can be shortened to better accommodate the available time slot. 
  • Q: What other cost are involved other than the show fee and travel? A: It depends on the package you select. With the basic package you will be responsible for supplying a list of items for the Gould Brothers appearance, but with the VIP package the price you receive on the quote is the total price you will pay.
  • Q: How far out are the Gould Brothers usually booked? A: It depends on the date and time of year but weekends are the most sought after dates for most events.  Many events will book more than a year in advance.  If you are considering booking the Gould Brothers for your event it is advised to contract a year or more out to ensure your date is available. 
  • Q: What kind of events do the Gould Brothers perform at? A: The Gould Brothers have performed at a wide variety of events across the country including public outdoor festivals, gun fairs, nonprofit fundraisers, V.I.P. gatherings, customer appreciations and Christian events. A Gould Brothers Exhibition Shooting show is entertainment that can go well with any event where there is room to perform.
  • Q: How far will the Gould Brothers travel? A: The Gould Brothers mainly travel within the U.S.A. but are willing to come to wherever your event is.
  • Q: What type of area do I need to have to host a Gould Brothers show? You can have a show most places that shotguns can be fired safely. View an illustration of what is needed for a safe shooting area.
  • Q: How do I go about booking the Gould Brothers for my event? A: The first step is to fill out a booking request. A member of our team will follow up with you and give you more information on booking.
  • Q: How much of the contract price is required up front? A: Usually 50% of the contract price is required to be paid in advance. The remaining balance is due on the date of the event.
  • Q: Do the people attending the show need earplugs? A: This is up to the individuals attending but it is recommended to wear earplugs.
  • Q: Do the Gould Brothers carry insurance for the events they perform at? A: The Gould Brothers carry liability insurance for events they perform at but they don't ever plan on having to use it.
  • Q: Is a live exhibition show dangerous? A: Contrary to popular belief, the shooting and hunting sports are one of the safer past time activities. There is inherent risk with all activities but safety is of top concern when the Gould Brothers are performing for live audiences. All the Gould Brothers shots have been tested for safety and several safety measures are taken to make sure every show goes down without injury to spectators