The Gould brothers perform highly unique and entertaining live exhibition shooting shows for events across the country. From Aaron's one handed push up shot to Steve's limbo shot to the unique two person throw and load shots, we guarantee you have never seen anything quite like this!
Booking the Brothers
  • One of a Kind Entertainment Experience
  • Make Your Event Buzz Worthy & Memorable
  • Fun for the Whole Family


Tom Knapp Approved!

Gould Brothers with Tom Knapp

This is what the late legendary Tom Knapp said about the Gould Brothers; “They are doing very well in the Exhibition Shooting World and I endorse them completely! These boys are good and won’t let you down”. -Tom Knapp-

The Gould Brothers exhibition shooting brought a new level of entertainment to our Annual Outdoor Exhibition.  We had over 250 people observing the event which definitely was an increase in the turnout.  Aside from the outrageously difficult shots they made, their act was very humorous.  They were definitely crowd pleasers.   -Private Event-

A fantastic demonstration of shooting skills. The finale was unbelievable. -Nonprofit Fundraising Event-

You made memories for the kids that will last a long, long, time. -Nonprofit Youth Event-

“Not only are they great shooters, they are tremendous ambassadors for the shooting sports.”  -Scott Grange -Winchester Repeating Arms-